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About us

Why hydrogen? Why higher education?

KICstartH2 aims to accelerate hydrogen uptake throughout Europe through education and innovation, by targeting students and industry professionals. Leveraging on a consortium of 7 HEIs, 2 research institutes, and 1 SME consulting firm to bring forward niche educational methodologies that not only tackle content on hydrogen technologies but also innovation methods in business and management. By combining these aspects of education, research and business the project exploits synergies in catering to the needs of academics and industry groups, supports the creation of key knowledge, fosters business developments that will build on these new ideas, and brings together the spheres of learning and commerce to activate new insights and future societal growth towards a sustainable energy future. Through a set of 6 actions, the project will build on institutional capacities of digitization, internationalization, and collaboration to provide online modules of hydrogen education and business innovation through flipped learning methodologies. KICstartH2 seeks to further expand on these capabilities to attract more talent to HEI programs and place them as leading experts in hydrogen within their respective regions. Allowing for diversification and development of their innovation ecosystems through collaborations with associations, industrial players, and policymakers.


We have the technology, but we need to train the people. 


KICStartH2 is a group of universities and continuous professional development educators that aim to teach and up-skill the European workforce through accessible real-world and online 'flipped learning' approaches designed to give each interested individual precisely what they need to know to start working with hydrogen energy. We also offer targeted training support to any small business or start-up wanting to learn more about using this cheap and renewable energy source.

Review our roadmap to success.

Our roadmap includes six actions to build on existing and promote new opportunities to learn how to integrate hydrogen into European work and studies. We aim to continuously attract talent to this green growth area and produce and place leading experts in relevant roles. 

Our actions span three categories: research, education, and professionalisation.

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